Rectocam FULL HD

Proctological camera that guarantees a high-definition image quality

Rectocam FULL HD is a device designed to perform high definition anoscopies and rectoscopies. A compact and lightweight camera that provides the operator with the best image resolution and work ergonomics. Multimedia resolution is an important consideration in ensuring the best possible visual experience. That is why Rectocam FULL HD offers the surgeon the most innovative technology: a 1080p image quality, well above the usual standards.

Thanks to the direct connection to the PC’s 3.0 USB port and to the convenient built-in function keys, the specialist can focus entirely on the patient. The colour parameters can be managed during video captures for a personal or optimal view in every situation.

The dedicated software also allows to create a complete database of photos and videos of each visit, and to create a report/examination record for each fully customized examination. The photos are available in the program and can be transferred with ease, allowing files to be sent for quick comparison with colleagues in the department or remotely with specialised centres.

The basic Rectocam FULL HD is composed of:

● Latest generation NUC PC;
● 24” Full HD IPS touch screen monitor;
● Wireless keyboard and mouse;
● USB camera;
● Rectocam FULL HD with C mount;
● Adapters for Anoscopes (x2) and Rectoscopes (x2).

With its distinctive features, Rectocam Full HD stands out as a tool that is unique in its kind, ideal for high-resolution anoscopy (HRA). The fenestrations on the flange of the anoscope fittings make it possible to take biopsy samples for histological examinations without detaching the camera body, while observing the manoeuvres on the computer screen. The Rectocam Full HD camera can only be used with the entire Sapi Med line of Anoscopes and Rectoscopes. The self-illuminating anoscopes and the rectoscopes are branded diagnostic and operating devices, designed to ensure maximum practicality for healthcare professionals and, thanks to their atraumatic profile which allows a greater ease of introduction, the best possible comfort for the patient.


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