Micro Rectocam Wi-Fi

Wireless proctological camera for PC, tablet and smartphone

Micro Rectocam Wi-Fi is a digital system specifically designed to optimise medical use, particularly useful for the study of the anorectal mucosa. The ergonomic characteristics of Micro Rectocam make it the ideal solution for clinicians in search of a high-resolution video system, but with the convenience and versatility of a product that is compact, handy and practical.

The system consists of a single video unit which allows, via a “specific” Wi-Fi or USB connection, the capture, display and sharing of images taken on PCs, tablets, laptops and smartphones through the use of dedicated apps and software. Micro Rectocam is composed of:

● Portable camera;
● USB foot pedal;
● Windows and Mac software;
● Android and Apple apps;
● Micro USB cable and charger;
● Travel pouch;
● Adapters for Anoscopes (x2) and Rectoscopes (x2).

In addition, the Micro Rectocam camera is a multi-purpose tool that is fully compatible with the Sapi Med anoscope line, thanks to its unique fenestrated adapters which allow the targeted collection of bioptic material under video guidance. It is also compatible with the Sapi Med rectoscopes, thanks to the use of specific non-fenestrated adapters.


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