Image acquisition and storage systems

The simple, versatile and easy-to-use.
Rectocam systems allow to inspect the rectal canal through high-performance video equipment.

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Our innovative approach to proctology

The Rectocam image acquisition and storage systems allow the inspection of rectum and anal canal through from a new point of observation, in a simple and versatile way.
The development of purpose-designed technologies allows the examination of a pathological condition and evaluation of the best therapeutic practice. The practitioner can use the images to discuss with colleagues near and far, in the same ward or in different specialized centers. Each RECTOCAM device can be used with the whole range of Sapi Med anoscopes and rectoscopes, allowing small biopsies during the anoscopy.

Rectocam Full HD

RECTOCAM FULL HD guarantees an optimal high-resolution image quality through a USB 3.0 connection.

Micro Rectocam Wi-Fi

MICRO RECTOCAM WI-FI can be connected wirelessly to PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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